Moving along nicely

June 25, 2008

So we’re getting closer to having the website design completed. Not quite, but getting there.

I’ve been talking over the past few days with different vendors. I’ve gotten such a good reception; it’s made me even more anxious and excited! I may be too optimistic, but I’ve set an opening day…August 1st! (My mommy’s birthday!) We’ll see if we can stick to it!

If you know anyone who creates things baby-related, send them my way! 🙂

P.S. My bean said her first word: doggie! All that “mama” and “dada” and doggie is what she says…go figure!


Well, this is the beginning of what I hope will be an extremely exciting chapter in my life. I am starting the long, tedious journey to starting my own business. I’m going to try and jot down notes and stories here and there about the process…hopefully there will be more ups than downs!

My agenda at the moment pretty much consists of writing a business plan. If you’ve never done this before, or even looked at the format for that matter, it’s going to be a long task. It will probably be the only thing on my agenda for a few weeks.

On a much happier, and exciting note…I am going to start doing some arts and crafts that will be sold in my “virtual shop” (a.k.a. On the website once it’s up and running!). The items will be made for baby rooms since that’s what the store will be selling — imagine that!

I know this may not be an incredibly exciting blog, but I hope that in my moments of frustration and time when I’m discouraged, I can read over happier, more optimistic moments in this journey and remember the dream.

Also, I’m going to try and post pictures on each post, just to liven up my rants! I’ll take photos of things boutique-related when I can, but if not, then it will something that was a glimmer of inspiration while I was writing.

On this particular post, my inspiration is my family. My beautiful baby girl, Lainey, and my wonderful and incredibly supportive husband, Eric. Unfortunately for everyone, there will be lots of pictures of these two…they are my inspiration in pretty much everything I do, so when I don’t have anything new and interesting, I will resort back to my default…my two loves!


Wish me luck…………………………………………