Let’s see, where to begin…

Living in the South is the absolute best! I am a born and raised Georgia Peach! I graduated from South Gwinnett in 2001 (GO COMETS!). I went on to get a bachelor’s degree from Berry College, graduating in 2006. My degree is in early childhood education with minors in child psychology and family studies. I got a TON of experience interacting with children at Berry. Our education program was an intense one, but in the end, that kind of experience is pretty phenomenal. After graduation, I took a position as a manager of a childcare facility located in Athletic Club Northeast. I worked there for almost a year before I parted ways and took a job as a safety consultant, working for my dad at Risk Consultants, Inc. I just finished up my first year with the company! Yay for employment anniversaries!

Currently, I reside in Norcross, GA with my beautiful family. I have a fabulous husband, Eric, who spoils me like the princess I grew up thinking I was! We’re about to celebrate our first wedding anniversary on June 10th! He has a pressure-filled weekend because my birthday is on the 9th! (At least this way, he only has to remember one weekend out of the year and roll it into one really good present…hehe) In October of last year, God blessed us with the most adorable little girl you’ve ever seen, my Lainey! She is growing like a weed! You will hear tons and tons about these two since they are the inspiration behind everything I do! We also have a very timid little schnauzer, Dooley. His favorites are hiding under the bed and playing fetch with himself when no one else is around. He hasn’t really decided about the baby yet…I think he might be jealous! 😉

As for the rest of my family…I have two wonderful parents who are in the process of moving out of the house I grew up in (**tear**) and into the most amazing house out in Monroe, GA — a.k.a. “The Sticks”. )There names have now been changed to “DeDe and Pop,” courtesy of Miss Lainey.) I was excited about this initially because I had hopes that Eric and I would move out that direction once we sold our townhouse closer to the city, but he was just given an opportunity with an amazing oil/fuel company based in Marietta, so it appears that when we move we won’t be moving out to the sticks. Eric would have a hellacious commute. Anywho. Daily I continue to thank God for giving my family the gift of my daddy. He is such a strong man (this can also come in the form of stubborn), but on Christmas Eve 2006 he was blessed with a new liver that we had been very impatiently waiting on for about 2 years. His recovery was fast and continues to be astonishing to us all! And, sometimes to his avail, you’d never even know what all he has gone through — unless you get to see his battle scar, it’s a doozy! I also have a little brother, Drue, who is in the middle of partying like a college kid and growing into his adulthood (he just celebrated his 23rd birthday). He has the biggest heart out of anyone I know! He is a big kid rolled into an adult body. He also works for RCI, so we’re trying to get back to having to share things since it’s been about 7 years since we’ve had to do that. I hope one of these days, he’ll put a ring on his little lady’s finger (our little South African Anti) so I can officially have a sister — we really like her if you can’t tell!

I’ll try to update this section often, since this will forever be changing as life continues to roll on. If anything monumental happens, I’m sure you’ll get to read a post about it. 🙂


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